We supply both Imported & Indian Hot Water Generators (HWGs) of different models & capacities as per customers’ requirement. We are Authorised Dealers of CETIK ISI, Turkey for a range of HWGs.

Standard Operating Capacity Range : 10,000 - 10,00,000 kcal/hr

Fuel : Solid Fuel, Light Oil / Furnace Oil , LPG / Natural Gas


Advantages of our HWGs

  • High Efficiency : They work with 88% efficiency & possess ergonomics control panel, servo motor hardware, special internal design and water grill system
  • User Convenience : Filling of fuel, ignition and taking the ash proceeds is very easy & convenient due to durable and large feeding cover. With easy to operate Control Panel, the Boiler works with maximum efficiency by automatically adjusting the fan speed and Boiler temperature. Due to movable and rotary water grill, the ash can be emptied into the ash tray by only moving the ash arm
  • Burning Control System : Once the fan and Boiler thermostat adjustment is done, due to adjustable fan speed control, the air disperses into the Boiler homogenously. Boiler reaches the desired temperature in a very short time due to special internal design. Once the desired Boiler temp. is reached, the servo motor closes the fan valve (100%) & chimney valve (80%) so that the Boiler enters into sleeping mode i.e. the fan stops & Boiler burns by natural draught. As a result of this system, Burning is completely under control and there is considerable saving in terms of fuel and electric consumption
  • Soot Cleaning : Due to special internal Boiler design, cleaning of soot needs to be done only once or twice a year. Also, pipe type Boilers need to be cleaned once a week. Cleaning cover is on the back side of the Boiler, hence cleaning is easier than other conventional Boilers
  • High Safety : Boiler water temperature can be adjusted on the control panel. Also, in case of electrical shut down, the servo motor closes the fan and chimney valves, so that boiler temp. does not rise up. Limit thermostat (third safety point) shuts down the electrical system, fan motor & closes the servo motor valves when the Boiler temperature exceeds 90 ºC
  • Aesthetic Design : The Boiler body is completely insulated and externally painted with an electrostatic paint which contributes to its aesthetic appearance
  • Environment Friendly : Due to special internal design, burning is complete and under control. Moreover, the harmful waste gases & chimney temperatures at the outlet are reduced to minimum values. Hence, eco-friendly
  • Long Life and High Quality : These Boilers are manufactured according to acceptable general standards. Use of A1 quality Boiler metal sheet, increases the Boiler lifetime considerably. At the time of Boiler ignition, the heat absorbed by the water grill is converted into beneficial energy. Also, the use of gasket covers, furnishes complete imperviousness
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