Solid Fuel Thermoblock


  • The Boiler operation is fully automatic including Fuel loading & Ignition processes
  • Due to special internal design, efficiency is high & energy consumption is very low as compared to LPG & diesel fuel. Also, burning is complete and under control. Moreover, the harmful waste gases and chimney temperatures at the outlet are reduced to minimum values
  • Fuel feeding is from the bottom & is continuous
  • Perfect heat insulation & external electrostatic paint, gives the Boiler an aesthetic appearance
  • These Boilers are manufactured according to acceptable TSE and International standards. Use of high quality Boiler steel, increases the Boiler lifetime considerably


Technical Data

Capacity Range : 60,000 – 3,50,000 kcal/hr. Available in 5 models, They can be produced in different models & capacities as per customer requirement.



HWG R3 1HWG R3 2HWG R3 3