Ecostar Heavy Oil Burners

Heavy Oil Burners (5 - 1025 kg/hr)

Advenced Technology
Over the years we have specialized in the production of burners for high power technical systems developing advanced solutions suited to different technological Heating needs.

Best Combustion Solutions
ECOSTAR Oil Burners, Provides best combustion solutions. Using high technology Burner fans, will help using for an increasingly wider range of applications.

High Efficiency
Ecostar Oil Burners, using the good quality components, gives the best combustion values for efficiency. Our policy has been directed to the protection of the environment, a philosophy quite a head of its time; The outsanding results we have obtained in connection with the reliability of our products and extremely high full performance levels reached.

Noise Level
Ecostar oil burners, research and devoiopment center designed special air intake system so the burners are working with low noise level, you do not hear anything in the boiler room.