Ecostar Air Heat Gazoram Burners

Gazoram Burner is a nozzle-mix burner suitable for those industrial direct fire oven or dryer applications where the combustion cleamber is operating under blanced pressure conditions requiring wide turn down ranges. The burner offers a simple and versatile solution for any installation having high turn down requirements

Specially designed for applications where burners are used under balanced pressure conditions such as in textile machines, printing machines and many other types of dryers.

Working Condition
Gazoram Process Burner is designed for air heating applications. A motorized gas control valve controls the heat output of the burner over tl)e full operating range. The gas run through the nozzle and then along the inside of the burner cone. Where the combustion air is progressively and tangentially mixed witli the gas. The result is a short, very stable flame and clean combustion.