Ecostar Duct Burners

ECOSTAR air heat burners are especially designed for direct fired air heating: process air is directly mixed with combustion gases.

The burner is characterized by a wide turn-down ratio, simple control and high efficiency and is suitable for firing natural gas, town gas and LP gases; this flexibility makes the burner the ideal heat source for: Many Industrial drying processes for complete or surface drying of:

  • Textile and carpets Malt, corn, wood an veneer
  • Paper, cardboard, chip-wood, gipsum plates
  • Paint, print work coatings
  • Ceramics, brickwork, glass
  • Fertilizers, a.s.o.
  • Make-up air systems for:
  • Spray booths, welding shops, garages etc.
  • The combustion is absolutey clean with no danger of CO or aldehydes.