Ecostar Gas Process Burners


  • Gas process burner is equipped with electronic ignition system and flame tube that is produced with special material so It can ressist to high temprature.
  • Also this burner is working with automatic control system.
  • There are few control system such as one stage, two stage and modulating (P.I.D.) Additional to this supply PLC.
  • These burners can be adaptable to single buner system or more than one burner, zone controls.
  • This burner is also used in high temprature applications without any problem and with high efficiency.
  • According to custumer request flame tube can be produced in different length
  • Fan and Control pannel is divided from the burner so, it will work with high temprature and there will not be any need for service.


  • Field applications in the industrial world are innumerable, a cross section of the most dominant segments is listed
  • All heat processing on metals such as; annealing tempering, drying, hardening etc
  • All heat processing and firing in heavy clay, fine ceramics and glass industries.
  • Precious nonferrous, light metal (tank furnace or melting pot heat treatment)
  • Heat for drying processes for grain, milk, cattle fodder etc.
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