Ecostar Process Burners for Brick Industry

In brick drying ovens the damp product which has to be homogene dry in an optimum period, the water inside of the product has to be vaporized. Wrong design of the drying-heating system is causig of blowing up, cracking, splitting of the product during the heating process. The product will be not resistant. Therefore, every row material needs special engineering calculations, experience and automation system-Brick process burners used for ovens Hoffmann type, Tunnel type and Cabin type or for drying-heating of bricks or tile and these burners have long flame tubes.


  • Gas process burner is equipped with electronic ignition system and flame tube that is produced with special material so it can ressist to high temperature.
  • Also this burner is working with automatic control system.
  • There are few control system such as one stage, manuel modulating and full modulating.
  • These burners can be adaptable to single burner
  •  system or more than one burner, zone controls.
  • Sensitive heat adjustment.
  • According to costumer request flame tube can be produced in different length.
  • Flame length and diameter can be controlled on the burner.


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