We offer a range of Thermic Fluid Heaters ( TFHs ) for medium & high temperature applications at near atmospheric pressure. Special models handle temperature over 300ºC, in liquid phase or vapour phase or both combined.

Standard Operating Capacity Range : 10,000 – 20,00,000 kcal/hr

Fuel : Light / Medium / Heavy Oil, Natural Gas, Solid Fuels. For Solid Fuels, a special furnace is provided


Advantages of our TFHs

Low Temperature Differential : It is an important parameter in achieving higher temperature. It minimizes user equipment cost and boosts production

Maximum Fluid Life : Our superior design offers large heat transfer area, high thermal fluid velocity & generous furnace volume. The fluid film temperature is restricted close to the bulk temperature

High Efficiency : Our exclusive design leads to effective and controlled combustion, low exit gas temperature cuts down the energy consumption / energy costs substantially

Dependable : Prime material & components used in our TFHs pass through uncompromising quality checks. Thus, they are rugged & perform to the optimum level

Safe & Simple : A range of controls & safety devices ensure risk - free operation. The equipment starts up with the flick of a switch


• Chemical Process Heating
• Converters, Calendering, Hot Presses
• Hot water / Steam generation
• Paints & Resin kettle heating / cooling
• Petroleum Refining
• Rubber, Plastic & Paper Processing
• Space heating for hotels, public buildings
• Surface curing, coating & drying / baking ovens
• Tankers, Barge, Tank farm heating
• Waste Heat Recovery Plan